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"Mmm, sweet delicious ramen. Can't wait to- AH! WHAT ARE YOU DOING HERE, DATTEBAYO? I NEED TO PUT ON PANTS!"

cute-little-dark-emperor said: What if everything that happens in Naruto/shippuden was just acting, do you have any headcanons on bloopers or personalities outside the set? :3 i would really like your opinion.



Okay so Naruto was accosted to do the role of his character because the director saw him in the mall, running around and screaming and he was like ‘yes. this is the kind of wild child i need for my show’. So, his parents, who eventually guest starred as the character’s parents in the show, happily went along with it. Acting is a good outlet and will have him busy, right?

Sasuke is a part of a huge acting agency run by his parents. He aspires to be a better actor than his brother, who eventually joins the show as well. Most people on the set think they hate each other but they’re just competitive little shits and they love each other. 

Sakura actually went to casting and worked very hard to beat all those auditioning for her role. Her parents didn’t want her to do it but when she landed the huge role, the begrudgingly allowed her to be on the show. They don’t really have any interest nor support the show until the second season when it becomes the biggest hit on TV.

At first, the three don’t seem to get along off the set. Sasuke is extremely shy around them and tends to stick to Itachi when he joins the show. Sakura is always usually going over her lines and practicing because she doesn’t want to lose her role to anyone. Naruto desperately tries to make friends with the two between scenes but doesn’t succeed at first. On set, though, they all come alive and work beautifully together and there is a noticeable spark between the three on the set.

Sasuke and Sakura become closer friends as Sasuke offers her some acting tips and gives her his acting books. He is from an agency after all. They don’t talk often, Sasuke is still very quiet and Sakura studies very hard, but they do consider each other friends and only get closer as the show wears on.

Naruto and Sakura become close when one of the extras, also from an agency, calls her untalented and why is a no name the lead girl role? Naruto overhears and sticks up for her. He sees her everyday studying her lines harder than anyone of them there. He reminds the girl that he too is not from a major agency and that talent doesn’t just come from being from a company, but from hard work and determination. After, Sakura and Naruto end up running lines together and Naruto always seems to convince her to take a break from practice to go hang out or just lounge around and watch TV.

Naruto and Sasuke are a different story. On set, the Uchihas are praised and worshiped. Naruto claims to see nothing special about Sasuke, just another stuck up actor who got in by his parents. Just like in the show, he claims Sasuke as his rival, and strives to be a better actor than him. Sasuke doesn’t really respond, but deep down, he appreciates Naruto’s tenacity and determination to be an actor. At first, Naruto didn’t seem fond of acting but soon took it seriously to rise above Sasuke. On the surface, it seemed that Naruto hated Sasuke. One day, though, while filming the scene where Itachi comes to search for Naruto and his and Sasuke’s character get into a fight, Naruto notices this really affects Sasuke. He sees the other boy sniffling in a corner between sets and comforts him. Sasuke reveals that he saw today that Itachi will always be superior to him and Naruto tells him that he’s the best actor he’s ever seen, otherwise he wouldn’t be his rival. After this, Sasuke and Naruto become inseparable, and are seen outside the set together often and running lines with Sakura.

When they become friends, the whole show becomes better, and soon it’s the most popular show on television. It goes on for a very long time and they decide to make Shippuden when the child actors grow into stunning teens.

Sakura’s favorite scene is the one where Sasuke and Naruto kiss. Their reactions were hilarious and they often had to cut the scene because Sakura would squeak in delight. 

Naruto and Sasuke both found the Land of Waves and Valley Of The End episodes the hardest to film. They never admit it, but they were fond of each other and had to take breaks because one would start to cry.

Sasuke and Naruto caused the most bloopers. After becoming ‘official’ friends, they often made jokes and sarcastically delivered lines. When Naruto did a monologue to Sasuke’s character, he often would go on and make it a love confession. Eventually, the director had to threaten to make them an actual item in the show. Sakura was the only one 100% okay with this.

If anyone wants anymore on this AU, let me know! Also if you want this for pairings, feel free to ask!





"Naruto, what was the sweetest thing Sasuke ever did for you?"


idiots texting each other. naruto would text him the most absolute shit at the most ridiculous times. (´∀`)
based on this 


idiots texting each other. naruto would text him the most absolute shit at the most ridiculous times. (´∀`)

based on this 

sasuke: making my way to darkness, walking fas-
naruto: SASUKE!!!
Anonymous said: Naruto, what's the most romantic thing Sasuke has ever done for you?


sharingangst said: Who cooks! :T



*war flashback*


Johndave at the Cloud-gate (aka the bean) 💕😎 #fullhomo


Johndave at the Cloud-gate (aka the bean) 💕😎 #fullhomo


there was a scuffle on my dash while i was asleep over whether or not sasuke is queer-coded

queer-coding usually means that a character has been given stereotypically queer traits to seem darker or more sinister; while sasuke isnt 100% a villain his character does exhibit a lot of queer coding

(queer-coding is problematic and by critically examining queer-coding i am not saying that all queer people have these traits or that theyre actually indicative of peoples orientations in real life; rather these are conscious decisions made by the author to imply a character is queer, usually to add ‘depth’ to their villainy)

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Anonymous said: What if Karin tried to take Sasuke away??


Anonymous said: You kind of scare me. You seem nice but ah oddly sassy. I dunno hi

I can’t deny that? I make a lot of puns if I’m being honest XD 

But no need to fear! I’m very nice. So, hi!


Dave and John were bein p. cute at the picnicstuck meetup